Hi There,

I’m Tanya and I want to run the Boston Marathon.

I’m 39 which is awesome. My initial goal is to run a Boston-qualifying marathon in time for the qualifying window for the 2015 Boston Marathon. In case that doesn’t happen? I’ll keep trying!

By the time of the 2015 race, I’ll be 40 so it’s awesome to be 39 but qualify as if I were 40…now you’re wishing you were 39, too, right?

According to the race organizer’s website, I’ll need a qualifying marathon time of 3:45. That’s about a 8:30 min/mile.

Getting started, the longest distance I’ve run is a half marathon and my fastest time was 2:11:56 (which is a solid 10 min/mile pace). Yeah, I’ve got a LONG way to go.

Join me on this journey. I won’t fail but I may die trying.

More About Me:

– I’m a mom. My kiddos are J, who is 5 and L, who is 2. My husband is an age-group endurance racer with his own race cred. He’s super supportive but terrified of the time commitment required by my goal.
– I live in Walnut Creek, which is in the East Bay region of Northern California. Our weather is incredible pretty much all year long. For example, the first time I wrote this page, it was Nov. 19, 2013 and was the first rainy day we’d had in a long while. It wasn’t even really raining – just looking gray, which is enough to make people like me feel whiny.

I’ve been running for the better part of my life. My dad took me on my first “run” when I was about 16. I complained a lot. After about 2 blocks, I told him I was ready to go home. He said, “Are you sure? We’ve only been out here 3 minutes…” I wasn’t really finished. We ran together a bit and I loved those times with him so much. He died in an accident 3 years later and now I treasure those memories.

But, my real running inspiration wasn’t my dad. It is my mom. Widowed at 45 after 28 years of marriage, running saved her and she saved me.

Now, thanks to all of her pavement-pounding role modeling, running has saved me again and again and again. Running saved me after my father died. Running kept me sane during my insane first marriage. Running helped me focus during my heart-breaking, nail-biting divorce. Running renewed me when I found myself single and 31. Running (and triathlons) brought me my real husband. Running helped me find my body after having my babies.

Now running will bring me the medal I’ve wanted for my entire life.

After my husband and I got married in San Francisco, we moved to Boston 2 weeks later. 18 months later, our son was born at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and we are lifelong Red Sox and Patriots fans because of our time living there. After a bunch more moves around the country, we’re back in the Bay Area but we still love the Bay State. The bombings at the 2013 Boston Marathon destroyed me and now my resolve is solidified.

I love Boston…join me as I make my way back – if only for one magical run!

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. The best advice I ever got while training to qualify, was lots of mile repeats, hills and m.p. Runs…I then qualified last month in Grand Rapids with a BQ-2min! You put in the tough work, stay healthy, pray and a little luck you will achieve your goal!!!!

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  2. I have NO DOUBT you will reach your goal! You have always been a strong, dynamic and positive force and have achieved every goal you’ve set! I believe in you, and am excited to hear about your progress along the way! How EXCITING and INSPIRING! Maybe I’ll train for a 5K to support you… 😉 xoxo

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