Whole 30 – Day 5

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a post. The holidays hit me hard this year.

Turning 40 was an epic event! Of course, I started celebrating in September with my mom and sisters on a wild vacation to Hawaii. My husband wanted to get in on the memorable birthday action so he took me to Sonoma for an amazing spa/wine/food coma weekend. All in all, I’m a pretty happy 40 year old!

Except for what the scale and my clothes have to say about the matter….

Let’s just say I haven’t been running as consistently post-marathon as I was pre-marathon.

Long story short, I’m on day 5 of Whole30. In case you aren’t familiar with it, it’s like a 30-day intro to the Paleo lifestyle, with a few tweaks. It is very strict but it’s also very well planned. The website includes tons of information about how to be successful and if that isn’t enough for you, they offer an awesome book called It Starts With Food. If that doesn’t do it for you, you can sign up for their daily email support, which is helping me tremendously.

So what am I eating? Meat, veggies and fruit.

Am I missing my other staples? Not really. I don’t miss the grains or legumes really at all. I miss sugar a little a lot. But I primarily miss wine. I love wine very much and it’s tough not drinking it. Tonight I went out to dinner with two lovely friends and I really would have loved a glass of wine with my steak. But I did not have a drink and because of that, I was able to manage how much I ate much more easily and that was truly thrilling.

In case you’re feeling sorry for me that I’m not getting to eat enough delicious foods, I thought I’d give you a run-down of what’s in my fridge and what I GET to eat.

What is that, you say? Well, I’m very proud to announce that it’s a pork shoulder roast that I prepared in the slow cooker for 16 hours! The meat came out so tender and luscious that I was tempted to eat it all for breakfast. Sucks to be me, right? NOT!
Scrambled eggs with pork roast and “Sunshine Sauce” for breakfast. Sunshine Sauce is kind of like peanut sauce, only made with Coconut Aminos (instead of soy sauce) and Sunbutter instead of peanut butter. It’s grubbin’!

I’ve also been FEASTING on roasted veggies (brussels sprouts, eggplant, sweet potatoes, butternut squash) and I also made a killer butternut squash soup with bacon and chicken pieces. Rounding it out, I’ve been stuffing my face with a ground beef chili (sans beans!) that I could live on.

I won’t lie and say that it’s been all rosy every minute. I do miss wine and there have been some times when I’d like to dive my whole face into a carton of ice cream, but so far, for FIVE WHOLE DAYS, I’ve stuck with it.

And that is something! Here’s to a healthy start to 2015!!

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