First Post-Race Run

So I decided that 5 days was enough and I wanted to run today. I actually wanted to run yesterday but somehow there was so much to do that it didn’t happen.

Anyway, I decided to start by walking my boy to school. So we loaded up the little girl in the stroller and took off for kindergarten. (I noted immediately that the wheels on the BOB Stroller weren’t as full as they could be. Ugh!) His “late slip” class begins at 9:36am (not a typo) so we left at 9am to have plenty of time for the 1.3 mile walk. He complained a LOT about walking. “It’s too far.” “My legs hurt.” “Are we almost there yet?” I kept thinking that he sounded like the voice in my head on Sunday morning!

Once we dropped him off, Lucy asked to get out of the stroller so I figured, what the heck?!?

We parked the stroller at the front of the school next to a bench. I started doing my dynamic stretches, beginning with a full body reach to the sky. As I looked down, I realized my tiny 2.9 year old daughter was stretching with me. It was too precious not to continue! So I crossed my ankles, brought my hands toward my feet and let my head dangle. She did the same. After 10 of those, I walked to the back of the bench. She followed. I rested my hands on the back of the bench for balance while alternating kicking one straight leg behind me with a flat back. She did too.

After about 5 minutes of dynamically stretching my very tight muscles, I said, “OK, let’s go running!” Lucy said, “I not go-een run-een Mommy.” I giggled and strapped her back into the stroller.

Those not-quite-flat stroller wheels plagued me as I got started. My left knee also started voicing a complaint. I stopped to stretch some more. By about 9:50am, we were finally underway.

Once we reached the Contra Costa Canal trail, I felt my running rhythm kick in. The Dixie Chicks were singing, “I’m Ready to Run” which always helps.

Before I knew it, my MapMyFitness app clicked off our first mile. By the time we reached the stoplight near Safeway, we were at 2 miles. As we exited Heather Farm Park, I noticed Lucy had been pretty quiet for a while. She was sound asleep.

We hit 3 miles on San Carlos Ave. and I realized that it was time to stop running. My legs hurt. My abs even hurt! Unfortunately we were still at least 2.5 miles from home. With my girl peacefully napping, I figured a long walk couldn’t hurt either of us so I pushed ahead.

All in all, my first run post-marathon was a little longer than I should have done. I’m sore today and feeling each step as I walk downstairs again. That said, it felt really good to run – just to RUN! I haven’t run without a mileage or time goal in so long that it was kind of amazing to do it just for myself. 

No doubt about it. I’m a runner!

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