Running on the Rails

This week has been so fun. We’re on vacation in Carlsbad, California – the home of Legoland…and some incredible beaches. We are having an amazing time and even had the good fortune to hook up with some old friends from Massachusetts!

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is…run! I love running in new places to help me get the lay of the land but also to see the sites from a pedestrian perspective. When we arrived at our rented beach house, I was thrilled to see brochures for the Carlsbad trail system. So, on Monday, after spending Easter Sunday at Legoland (!), I busted out the brochures and mapped a course for myself. To avoid lugging the map along, I took a photo with my phone so I could refer to it and not get lost. I wanted to run about 10 miles, so I figured I would run around the lagoon. Looks do-able, right?

The Agua Heidonda Lagoon appears to be mostly surrounded by trails, right?

Wrong! From the beach, at the north side of the lagoon, I started down a nice gravel trail. Once I got the railroad tracks, things went downhill. I could not find how to continue around the lagoon. The map kind of looked like I should go to the other side of the lagoon, so I ran across the rail road trestle bridge. That was a frightening fail! Long story short, I ended running around the lagoon, but mostly through neighborhoods. I accomplished my goals, which were to run around the lagoon and run about 10 miles. In the end, it was closer to 11 but the run was fun (if not quite as scenic as I’d hoped) and the weather was nice and cloudy – perfect for running!

This is the view from the south-eastern point of the lagoon.

By the end of my run, I was back to the beach and the clouds had started clearing.


Yesterday, we rode the Coaster train down to Old Town San Diego to meet our friends. I love margaritas! Having 3 for lunch makes for a fun time!

#trainride #drunkbynoon

Today I ran 5 miles. I started from Starbucks where I had a tall latte with the family. Then I ran about a half mile on the sand. That is TOUGH! The rest of my run I stayed on the pathways above the beach. What a beautiful way to start the day!

I could get used to this!

Then I asked a surfer to take my picture. Feeling a little cheeky, I cheesed it up for y’all!


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