The Dailey Method

Today was a super fun workout day for me. I started with the Dailey Method (see more below) and then brunched with the Lady-Crew.

After coffee and oatmeal, I hit the Lafayette-Moraga trail for an 8-mile run.

As I finished the run and slowed myself down near my car, I realized something. Each workout and each run is transformative. While a big piece of me would love to see my waist and arms get thinner with each step, the transformation that I undergo with each workout is much more profound.

I finish each workout feeling invincible and unstoppable. Even though my workout plan called for 8-miles at a jogging pace, I wanted to run harder during the last few miles. It just felt good and I felt strong.

The 5k we did a few weeks ago was organized by and benefitted the Native American Health Center (with locations around the Bay Area). The title of the race is “Running Is My High.” One of the tribe elders who had instrumental in getting the race going some 40 years ago explained the name. She talked about how getting “high” is an important part of her culture. I don’t think she was talking in terms of the kind of high I watch on “Weeds” reruns. She talked about spirituality and feeling connected. She said she loves to run and that running is her high.

I’ve always thought it was a little cheesy to talk about running as a “high” but I can’t deny it. Running transforms my spirit in a way I could only describe as a high. Stated another way – I felt like a bad-ass after a 1-hour Dailey Method barre class and an 8-miler.

And then I came home and took a shower and a nap. Maybe not quite invincible but certainly happy!


Today was our last FFFJ2W meeting of the season. Next week, we’ll have our event finale and express our gratitude for one another and our amazing FFF community of women. I, for one, am so grateful to get to share my Sunday mornings with all of you ladies!

This morning’s workout was at the Dailey Method of Lamorinda. We were treated to a private class with Owner/Instructor, Christine Olsen and her Instructor/Assistant, Annie. Long story short…this workout was HARD!

Christine, 3rd from left and Annie on the far right. *LOVE*

I love barre classes. I’ve always been a wanna-be ballerina so I love pointing my toe on that bar and lifting my standing foot onto releve with my arms up like delicate flower petals. The only problem is that I’m not really very graceful. I love the idea of being a ballerina and the Dailey Method is a great…

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