Up to 8

Rocking mile 7!

I ran my first 8-miler in a long time this morning. To begin the 5th week of my marathon training, I thought it was a good time to change things up a bit. My original plan was to join a group who was running a practice route on the Oakland Marathon course. Unfortunately, due to a typo on their calendar, I missed it. Ugh.

After a quick search of East Bay running clubs, I found the Berkeley Running Club and noticed they were joining up with the Albany Run Around Town Sundays (RATS) group. I loved learning about this group…they’re a city-sponsored running club. I had never even heard of such a thing but I think it’s awesome that the city of Albany encourages fitness in such a nice way.

Today worked out to be an extra great day for me to join them because a local Berkeley and Oakland running store called, “Transports” had provided a 20% coupon for the runners as well as give-aways for all the people meeting the club for the first time. So I got a pair of arm warmer sleeves from Asics for free! I also stopped by their store on my way home and ordered a new pair of shoes with my 20% coupon. Hooray! (As a side note, I’ll plug the store a bit more by sharing that a man named Frank helped me pick out my shoes. He was super knowledgeable and very nice!)

This morning’s run course was new for me. I’ve never been on the Berkeley Marina trails before so it was really fun to get to run along the trails I had often seen from the Eastshore freeway (highway 80 along the Bayshore in Albany, Berkeley, Emeryville). In spite of the proximity to the freeway (right there!), the trail is wonderfully flat and provides gorgeous views of downtown SF, the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge. Unfortunately it was super cloudy today so the views were limited by the mist, but it was still awesome. 

If you squint your eyes and look really far into the distance, you can see San Francisco’s skyline. Sadly the clouds blocked a lot today.

How did you spend your Sunday morning?

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