Ballerina Bad Ass!

There’s nothing like a day with 2 workouts! I started the day with an early 7-miler and then went to join the Fun Fabulous Fierce Lady Crew for a Tae Kwon Do boot camp workout later in the morning. It was awesome and super fun! Check it out…


Our workout today was super cool!

We went to Sparta Tae Kwon Do today for a boot camp class unlike anything I’d ever tried before. We started with some slow jogging drills around the mat followed by another warm up activity where we lined up as “pylons.” We stood in a single file line with about 3 feet between us. The last person in the line did “foot drills” by agilely running around and through us, the pylons. Think of a race/agility course with safety cones where we were the cones and one of us was the race car. We also did boot camp drills like high knees and high kicks across the mat and then we got to the fun stuff: kicking and punching!


Working as partners, one partner held the paddles while the other punched or kicked. When someone forgot to point her toes while kicking, I reminded…

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