Surprised Myself!

Today was a really good day. I started by making our usual smoothies (which actually vary day by day) for myself and the kiddos for breakfast. Somehow, in spite of it being Thursday, which is one of the days when both of them have preschool, we were ready to leave a full hour before we had to be there. Sometimes MIRACLES can happen!

I dropped them at school and parked my car in front of my soon-to-be optometrist’s office. I went for my easy Thursday 3-miler and then walked into my eye exam sweaty and fulfilled that I’d hit the road first thing. The optometry appointment could not have gone better! I brought in my old Prada glasses that I used to wear religiously when I was working full time. I mentioned that I only wear them when I am driving at night but that they don’t seem to be helping me much lately and actually kind of give me a headache. Back when I worked in technology consulting, I spent the entire either in front of a PC or presenting material from a projector. I guess that took a toll on my eyes. Long story short? I now have BETTER THAN PERFECT vision. That’s a really funny expression, BTW – how can anything be better than perfect? Whatever…the point is that I rocked the eye exam. Downside? I had to spend the next few hours half-blind from the dilation. It was curious to be told my vision is great…just before it suddenly became horrible. Thankfully, 9 hours later, I feel normal again.

I picked up the kiddos at school after running a few more errands, including a stop to grab some more Gu shots. I got a vanilla flavored Honey Stinger to try for the first time. Let me know if you’ve tried it…I’m interested because I hear their gels are made of more natural ingredients than some of the other companies.

Anyway, I picked up the little ones, headed home and did the usual lunch/nap routine. While the muffin napped, my little guy and I made the most incredible cookies the world has ever seen. I’m pretty sure these things could start wars.

Rolled sugar cookies (we made shapes like trains, flowers and Christmas trees, of course) with CHOCOLATE BUTTERCREAM FROSTING. I know, OMG, right? I rolled the cookies just enough so we could use the cutters on them but not so much that they could burn. Then the buttercream. In case you haven’t had the pleasure, I need for you to know that chocolate buttercream is the cream of the crop within the frosting world. Homemade kicks the you-know-what out of whatever sell in those little canisters at the grocery store.

To top off my “I-am-truly-holly-freaking-homemaker” afternoon, after I took the kids to Tae Kwon Do, I made homemade taco seasoning for our dinner. Oops, that’s the other thing I neglected to mention – homemade roasted salsa. The high point and the low point of the day were both the salsa. It’s incredibly delicious but I also burned my hands being a Serrano pepper rookie. I didn’t wear gloves while removing the seeds and burned the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of my hands. Thankfully they too are getting back to normal now that 6.5 hours have past, but what a crazy experience. Oh…the burning!

Long story short, by the time my love got home, a wholesome mostly homemade taco dinner was ready, the kids and I were happily dance-a-thon-ing to the Frozen soundtrack and all felt right with the world.

I hope your day was fulfilling as well. Sometimes, it feels really good to just appreciate the simplicity of the ordinary!

And in case you want to recreate my incredible recipes of today – here are the links:

– Rolled Sugar Cookies from allrecipes.com
Chocolate Buttercream from allrecipes.com
Roasted Salsa from natashaskitchen.com
Homemade Taco Seasoning from The Girl Who Ate Everything

Thanks for reading and thanks to recipe creators for sharing your recipes…I love the internet!

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