Sometimes my life feels like a “Three’s Company” episode

Yep, this really happened. 🙂


This morning I got started out bursting with a spirit of organization. To change things up a bit, I created a real list on paper! Cute boots on, list in hand, children strapped into seats…I began my mission. First stop, preschool drop off. The kiddos asked if they could stay at school for lunch today so I obliged, granting myself an extra hour and 15 minutes of errand running and alone time.

Getting back into the car, I reconsulted my list:

1) dry cleaners (hoping they can magically remove the weird sleep smell from our comforter so I’ll stop wanting to gag when I enter my bedroom)
2) consignment store (looking to get paid for crap I don’t want to have in my house anyway)
3) farmer’s market
4) library

Easy enough, right? Before diving into my list and knowing it was only 9am (retail places don’t open until 10am…

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