Too Long!

It’s been too long since I’ve posted and I’m sorry about that. I love writing and sharing how my training is going and today is an ideal day to share because it’s been tough.

First of all, now that I’m FULLY RECOVERED from my surgery (read: running COMMANDO – OMG!!), I have put in place a marathon training plan, which you can find here. If you clicked the link, you may have been confused as you read the intro, which says it’s a plan for a runner’s 3rd or 4th marathon. Since the Santa Rosa Marathon will be my first, clearly this is a stretch (and given all my other hurdles, like how slowly I’ve been running and how I’ve never run farther than 13.1). It’s no secret or surprise that attempting to kill it with a 3:45 first marathon is a potentially unrealistic goal. After all, that’s why they make movies about people who do extraordinary things. I have no idea whether I’m such a person but I’m trying my best to achieve this gigantic goal anyway.

Today’s workout (I’m on week 3, Wednesday) was a 4x hill workout. The hill I’ve chosen is in a park called Heather Farm which is near my house. It’s not the 1/4 mile length that Hal Higdon suggests, but it’s quite steep and it’s a challenge for me. Because my daughter isn’t in preschool on Wednesdays, this workout could be extra tough for me. Thankfully I have an angel friend named Elise who has watched my little angel for the last 2 weeks while I run myself up and down that hill. (I can’t even imagine trying to do hill repeats with the jogging stroller, although it would certainly be a quick way to improve my level of fitness!). 

Last week, the Wednesday workout was 3x hill repeats. I thought that would kill me. Doing it 4 times today was obviously tougher. The warm up mile from Elise’s house to the hill was tough (including a VERY LONG traffic light, the mile took me 13:13! OMG SLOW, right?). I just wasn’t feeling it at all today. But I banged out the 4 hills and now I know I can do it.

In the midst of our massive California drought, we got some epic rain last week. I wasn’t deterred (although my warm bed nearly took me down a few times) and I ran!

As I continue to ask myself why on earth I’m doing all of this, I just keep reminding myself that I set this goal because I believe I can do it. Each little obstacle, like running 4x hill repeats this week and my 35 minute tempo run on Saturday (after I figure out what tempo I need to work for!), pushes me closer to being a marathon runner and a Boston Marathon Finisher. Those 2 things really mean something to me. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I think I can!

Please share your goals with me so I’ll feel less crazy…

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