Gettin’ Busy!

Things are definitely looking up in the running department! I ran a strong 4.25 miles yesterday (my 2nd run post-op) yesterday and felt great. I followed that with a visit to my Fun Fabulous Fierce Journey to Wellness meeting, where my girl Tina rocked my world with ZUMBA. All of that following 2 days of Bar Method and I nearly couldn’t roll over in bed last night for the screaming in my hamstrings!

Today I feel great. I’m amazed that the surgery was such a huge success. I’m now to the point where I am only cathertizing myself about once a day. If I hadn’t drank a huge glass of water before bed last night, I may not have even needed that. 

Can you believe I’m actually getting so much better?!? ME NEITHER!

To celebrate, I’m going to run the Kaiser SF Half Marathon with my sister this weekend. Of course, going from 4.25 to 13.1 miles is way too much too quickly so we’ll either walk a lot of it or just stick with the 5k. Either way, it’ll be a ton of fun and I’m really excited to get out there racing.

Wish me luck!!

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