Sick Baby Girl

The last few days have been pretty brutal. My sweet little 2-year old girl spent MLK day with a  high fever feeling miserable. Her fever has been coming and going ever since, including some very long nights. Her “Mimi” aka my mom was visiting because she wanted to attend my doctor’s appointment with me on Tuesday. She ended up staying until this morning (Thursday!) as seeing our sweet girl all sick just broke her heart.

On the bright side, my little one is feeling better today. My doctor’s appointment on Tuesday was a success as well. While I’m still using the catheter twice a day (first thing in the morning and last thing at night), my bladder is starting to work a lot better on its own. I’m thrilled to be free of them during the day and feeling much more confident that the surgery was successful. Apparently, it’s pretty common that patients with anxiety sometimes struggle as I have. Given all the pressure and build-up I put on this surgery, I was primed for a stressful start. So, as I’m learning to relax more and more, the urinary retention problems are subsiding. Whether it’s primarily physical or psychological or some combination thereof, the more recovery time that passes after the surgery, the better I’m feeling.

I’m also really honored that my close friend has decided to start a blog too! Check out Tina at I Can’t Run Anymore…you’ll be inspired!!

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