Epic Weekend and my First RUN!!

Things are pretty nuts, weather-wise in our beautiful Northern California. Normally, it would be cold and/or rainy in January. Instead, this year, we’ve had almost no rain and unseasonably warm temperatures. Instead of considering the frightening consequences of this crazy weather, we’re enjoying it while it lasts. I mean, can you even imagine going to the beach in January??

That’s precisely what we did on Saturday. You see, I got permission from my doctor last Monday for my little girl to come home. She’d been staying at my parents’ house in Sacramento (90 minutes away) since mid-December. That was fine during the 2 1/2 weeks we spent there for the holidays, but once we had to get back for work and school restarting in the new year, we missed her terribly. I found myself watching the other parents at preschool pickup as they greeted and held their 2 year olds. I literally dreamed about holding her. While on the one hand, I truly enjoyed the free time her absence granted me, I was missing her physical presence so much that I felt like I’d lost a limb. Based on that minor experience, I cannot begin to fathom the depths of grief parents must feel when they lose a child.

But, on a happier note, my girl came home! On Wednesday, my mom brought her home. Suddenly, my mom was the one experiencing the loss…after carrying her, feeding her and loving on her 24/7 for 4 weeks, my mom was pretty devastated to bring her back. Originally, we thought our girl would be with my mom until early February so having her time cut short by 2 weeks broke my mom’s heart. Suffice to say, she’s a little girl who is very well loved.

To celebrate our little family reunion and the extraordinary weather, we packed up the kiddos, the sand toys and nearly everything else we own and made for Crissy Field beach in San Francisco.


Watching my husband and kids build in the sand (and the warm sunshine!) warmed my heart!

Why, you ask, am I not pictured playing in the sand with my family? Besides the obvious fact that I had to TAKE the picture, I also hate getting dirty. I know, that’s silly and princessy and totally out of line with my parenting ideals, but I can never quite bring myself to sit down ON the sand. So there.

As if the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge and Crissy Field beach day weren’t enough, I got to go running yesterday!!!?!?! My last run was on December 14, when I completed the Walnut Creek International Half Marathon. Going from a half marathon to no running, foley catheters and holiday eating hasn’t been the ideal lifestyle program for maintaining a healthy body. I feel pretty slow and heavy right now but I know it will likely take me about the same amount of time to regain all my strength, stamina and fighting weight as it took to lose it all, right?

I headed out on yesterday’s chilly morning and ran 4 miles on a flat trail through a neighborhood near my house. It’s one of my favorite trails because it’s right behind the homes, but for some reason, there are never any people on it. So I was alone and cold and happy!

Big dork? Sure, but at least I wasn’t wetting my pants!

That’s right! Just like the caption says, the surgery did it’s job. Unfortunately, it did it possibly a little TOO well as I’m still having to use self-catheters. I want to believe that I’m getting closer and closer to not needing the self-caths, but I’m seeing the surgeon on Tuesday and we’ll determine whether I need to have the mesh tape taken down. If so, the hope is that the scar tissue built up around the tape will continue to maintain continence. We’ll see – for now I’m enjoying my family, the weather and the long weekend!

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