Today was AMAZING!

Now that my bladder issues are mostly resolved (thanks to the disposable/self-catheter devices the doctor gave me the other day), I was able to get out and have some really cool fun today. Unfortunately, my husband had to leave our little party on New Year’s Day to get back to work yesterday. Further unfortunately, my son decided to be a complete 5-year old jerk to my mom last night. That changed our plans substantially. The plan had been to take my 2 children and my sister’s 2 children to the snow today. You see, my 2-year old daughter had never seen the snow before. Her cousins (8 and 11 years old) had been many times and my son (5 years old) was born in Boston and lived in Seattle so the older 3 were all about the snow. But my little one? Living the majority of her life in the SF Bay Area meant she had no idea it could even get cold. So today was to the be the day! Her daddy was working and her older brother was suffering a consequence for his brattiness so the big snow day ended up being me, the youngest child and the 2 older cousins.

It was a BLAST! Driving into the Sierra Nevadas from Sacramento isn’t a huge trip so…in 90 minutes time we arrived at Boreal ski resort. Sadly, they wouldn’t have us and our ghetto Target sleds so we headed back down the highway to the Kingdale exit, which is host to 3 things: a Shell gas station, a pizza joint and a massive parking lot attached to a little hill. That hill was covered in icy snow and the proprietors were happy to accept our money for sledding purposes. (Note: it costs $10 for parking + $8 per person to sled at Kingdale, in case you’re ever thinking of going.)

But the best part of this lovely day?

What a smile, right?

Watching my sweet little girl enjoy the snow for the first time was a pleasure I almost can’t describe. She was equal parts fearful of being left alone on the hill (which her cousins almost did at one point) and joyful at the fun of riding in her “Toddler Boggan.”

And the other 2?

Could they BE any cuter?

I nearly had to yank them from the mountain. At their ages, all they normally do is argue. It’s enough to sometimes make me crazy. But today was awesome. They eagerly took turns carrying my sweet girl for me (I can’t pick her up for another 4 weeks – ugh) and they had so much fun.

I’m not known for my patience. Today was another moment where I remembered that healing and learning are truly connected. Recovering from this surgery has forced me to sit back, relax and reflect. What I saw today was so special.

In the end, I’m just so grateful. I live such a lovely life and I had the privilege of spending a Friday sledding with (most of) the little people I love.

If it weren’t for this surgery, I’d have wanted to run today. That would have taken a huge chunk of my morning and not left enough time for such a long day of driving and snow play. I love running so much but this break is forcing me to gain some perspective.

I’m still BQ bound but I’m a little humbler than I was before. Maybe that’s bullshit but I sure feel happy tonight after this lovely day and the 3 glasses of apres-snow wine didn’t hurt either!

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