Helluva Day! (And WAY more TMI)

Not a banner day to say the least. Day 12 post-surgery and I’ve now been to the ER twice and been prescribed 3 antibiotics. On Saturday, we tried again to take out the catheter. Suffice to say, after hours, I couldn’t pee. Called Kaiser. They said ER. We went. They gave me another catheter and more drugs. Ugh.

This is a photo of my sister and I singing our dad’s favorite song on Christmas morning before breakfast. If you look closely at my waist, you can see the freaking catheter bag hanging out of my hoodie pocket.

Today it’s Monday and I was determined to be finished with the damn catheter. That was an epic fail. We took it out at 7am. I took my son to see “Frozen” at 10:30am. When we got home at 1pm, I was already in agony. I figured I’d be able to power through it if I took 2 Norco and a 600mg Ibuprofen. (Not so.) My Mom (and resident RN) had an appointment from which she didn’t return until 5pm. By the time she got home, I could no longer speak or stand up straight. I was not aware before this experience that not being able to “void” is as painful as transitioning from 9cm to 10cm in birth. It was freaking unbearably excruciating.

As I type, it is 8pm on Monday, Dec. 30, 2013. I’ve had a catheter since 5:15pm and I’m no longer in pain. My big decision earlier tonight was whether to take more Norco or to start drinking wine. I went for the wine and thankfully the pain has subsided.

I’m still hoping this surgery (mid-urethral sling) was a good idea. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that I haven’t broken any sutures and that all is good on the inside. If you’re considering have a similar surgery, I hope you’ll go forward with it – maybe you won’t have such issues and HOPEFULLY I, too, will soon forget how crazy all of this has been and be grateful to be relieved (hee hee) of all my bladder issues. In the meantime, I just hope that my recovery continues, that I will run again with real abandon and that soon this will all be a distant memory.

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