Thanksgiving Turkey Stroll

Today was my first run after an unintentional week off. Starting on Saturday, the 23rd, I was mom to not just 2 but 4 kiddos. Well, technically 2 of them are my sister’s children but I was wholly responsible for them for the majority of the time!

We had so much! Kids ranging from 2-11 require a lot of attention, which is why I didn’t get a lot of running done. Instead, we made about 60 cookie cutter cookies, ate several pizzas, went to Old Spaghetti Factory, the Lawrence Hall of Science and The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. It was a kid’s fantasy week and I had a great time too!

Block stacking at the Lawrence Hall of Science
Dinner with “Auntie Jill” at the Old Spaghetti Factory
Playing trains at the California State Railroad Museum

I ran a tough 5-miler on Tuesday evening, along the American River Parkway trail. (We were staying at my mom’s house in Carmichael/Sacramento so we could be with family for the holiday.) It was so beautiful and really fun to see the spawning salmon working to make their way up the river. It always makes me a little sad to see the dead ones along the way. You can almost see the saliva dripping off the seagulls as they hover in the sky.

The 5 miler was tough – not because of the flat terrain but because I just didn’t have much left in the tank after caring for my kiddos all that time.

Sacramento has an amazing 5k/10k Thanksgiving race called, “The Run to Feed the Hungry.” It was started 20 years ago by an amazing priest I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing, Fr. Dan Madigan of St. Joseph’s Church in Clarksburg, CA. I’m what many people call a “Recovering Catholic” but Fr. Dan could convert the most jaded of folks. He’s an incredible man, who created the race to raise money for his charity, The Sacramento Food Bank Services. I was so proud to be one of 28,000 runners this year!

Well, we didn’t actually run. I don’t think very many people really did. 28,000 people making their way through city streets cannot move very quickly so my big Turkey Trot didn’t amount to much more than a fun stroll. It was VERY fun, though!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Strauss/Saab/Hampton Family!

On Friday, I was trying to show off in my sister’s kitchen, doing handstands. Like a numbskull, I landed really hard on my right ankle and had to ice it. Ugh – it’s been tender since “Black Friday” but seems to be back to normal now.

This morning was my first post-goofy injury run and it was great. I ran 5 miles around the Lafayette Reservoir and back to my illegal parking space. I’m feeling my stride and I can’t wait for my next race – the Walnut Creek International Half Marathon on 12/14.

How was your Turkey Day?

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