Beat the Rain

I know there’s a lot of talk around the blogosphere about working moms vs stay at home moms. There seems to be a rivalry as to which is busier and more stressful. Having now been on both sides, I can vouch that both experiences are extremely challenging! 

My life as a stay at home mom feels super busy and so it can be tough to find time to get my workouts done. One way I’ve finagled to get on the road is by running my children to preschool. Fortunately, this year, they’re both at the same school – my son goes every morning and my daughter goes 2 mornings per week. In either case, I can either push them both in the double jogger stroller or push my little one while my big boy rides his “bike.” I put that word in quotes because he’s really riding a glider bike, which has no pedals. He loves to fly down hills on it but still doesn’t want to ride a ‘real’ bike. Kids, eh?

So after running in the pouring rain on Tuesday night, it was nice to run in mostly clear weather yesterday morning. My little guy was biking around me and my girl was bundled in the stroller as we rolled through the 55 degree morning. The rain was forecast to begin again around 9am, which is exactly the time school starts. So we had to hustle! We dropped off my little guy at 8:50am and jammed the 1.5 miles home just before the heavens opened and dumped about an inch of rain throughout the rest of the day. 

Whew! I was thrilled to get 3.5 miles done on a nasty day!

I still haven’t gotten out to the track or started doing tempo runs but at least I’m getting some midweek mileage, right?

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