A Good Start – Rainy Night Run

Having made my big announcement to the world yesterday, it wouldn’t have felt right to skip my weekly Lululemon Tuesday night run club – even though it was raining cats and dogs. So I didn’t.

I spent the afternoon making pumpkin pie bites for my children’s preschool “Big Feast” this Thursday. They are so cute – I cut out little circles of pie crust, which I pressed into mini-muffin tins and then scooped a tiny amount of pumpkin pie filling inside. They are adorable and I can’t wait to bring them to school tomorrow!

I pulled out some leftovers for dinner, which I left on the counter and then I got on my running clothes. I may have overdone it because I was a little chilly in the house. I wore my new “Avenue” pants from Lululemon (which are nice because they have pockets for my phone/gloves but apparently all this running is changing my body because they keep slipping down!), a Lulu running tank, my favorite long-sleeve running hoodie (check it out!) and then I put on a running rain jacket, a hat and my headlamp. No, I didn’t take a photo but trust me, I was ready for anything!

My love came home from work at 6:10pm. I scooted out the door, got in the car and thought, “Ugh, it feels like it’s midnight!” It had been dark since 4:30pm…

Everyone at Lulu was pumped for their first rainy night run so I signed on to do 5 miles. I hooked up with a woman/Lulu run Ambassador who is running Boston 2014 and we ran a pretty easy pace for the first half.

Of course, at about the 1.5 mile mark, I was way too hot! So I took off the rain jacket and powered through the rest of the run. Given that I was one of only 2 people running the 5 miles last night and I’m much slower than the other person, I was the last one to return to the store!

I was thrilled to walk in the door at home – dinner was plentiful, there was a TON of pumpkin pie to eat, kiddos were getting settled in bed and my Uggs were waiting for me.

Not a bad start to my Boston training, although I still have a LONG way to go!

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